All FWLHD COVID-19 testing moves to Community Health Centre Drive Thru

The Far West LHD COVID-19 Drive Thru clinic at the Community Health Centre (2-4 Sulphide Street) will become the primary site for all testing and screening as of 1 March 2021.

Testing will cease at the Broken Hill Health Service clinic site and the drive through clinic will operate seven days a week from 8am to 4pm. There will be a process and identified area in the Drive Thru to assess and swab clients if they walk in.

The initiative is part of the Far West LHD’s move towards a more ‘business as usual’ position while still maintaining COVID testing.

Mr Umit Agis, Chief Executive Far West LHD, said it was also a response to current testing rates in Broken Hill. This will allow us to increase service delivery in other areas of specialty services.

“Our testing numbers have been dropping and it makes it difficult to justify operating two fully staffed units for test and screening,” said Mr Agis.

“Based on current numbers, we are consolidating our operations to the Community Health Centre and maintain the Drive Thru clinic as well as have capacity for walk-ins,” he said.

Mr Agis said the LHD has plans in place to establish extra clinics if there is a surge in demand.

“Our staff have demonstrated the ability to very quickly increase testing capability if required.”

The public are reminded that testing and screening is also available at the Royal Flying Doctor Base and Maari Ma. For information about test sites go to the NSW Government COVID-19 testing clinics page at


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