Artist in Residence Pilot Project artworks on display in BH Hospital

Children’s artworks created whilst they were a patient in the Broken Hill Hospital will be on display for all to see to celebrate the successful conclusion of the health service’s Artist in Residence Pilot project.

Local artist Ian Howarth presented the finished artworks from the nine-month project held last year for display in the Hospital’s “Gallery Corridor”.

“Patients, visitors and staff will be able to appreciate the colourful, whimsical and sometimes poignant drawings and paintings which represent many aspects of what children think and feel during a visit to the hospital,” said Ian.

Children from Broken Hill and surrounding area created the artwork when they visited the hospital.

“The art on display is only a small amount of the work produced, as many children took home their creations, be it a drawing, painting or the very popular spiders that were created in a myriad of colours and shapes,” said Ian.

Some pieces displayed were drawn and painted from a group of 8-14year old children who attended a workshop at the Regional Art Gallery. The children were asked to draw or paint a piece that represented and expressed what they thought or felt when they heard the word ‘hospital’. Their concepts expressed by the pieces presented are varied, thought provoking, funny and insightful.

Ian said the clinic area in the hospital was the ideal space in which to work during the project.

“It was a generous and unobtrusive space, with plenty of opportunity to engage and interact with variety of clinic visitors, their families and attending staff.It was very rare that a child did not want to participate, and in most cases their natural inquisitiveness and curiosity would see them approach me,” he said.

“The work the children produced is imaginative and insightful. Children see the world through different eyes than adults and the work on display today is evidence of that. I think this is the true success of the pilot that the children wanted to be part of it”.

Health Education Officer at UDRH, Paul Bennett, who helped convene the Artist in Residence project, said: “This is a great project that has sick children, their families and staff involved in something that is unique to Broken Hill.”

“We will continue to look for ways to fund it in 2014 and beyond, and we hope the community will get behind the project. Every bit of support is helpful and it all goes to supporting our children”.

Broken Hill Hospital’s A/General Manager, Greg Mullen, thanked all involved in the Pilot with special thanks to Ian for the time and effort he put into the Pilot.

“I hope that all who see the display will enjoy it and appreciate the amount of work and organisation that went into putting together this Pilot from all involved and of course the many fledgling  artists – the patients and children visiting Broken Hill Hospital,” said Mr Mullen

Mr Mullen said Ian has also agreed to continue as a volunteer in the hospital and donate his time to carry out workshops throughout the coming year. Ian will attend different clinics, wards and units engaging patients, visitors and staff who wish to find their inner ‘artist’ and participate in the workshops.

If there are any clubs or groups in Broken Hill who would like to support these workshops by donating art supplies or in fact any other artists who would like to join Ian and participate in the workshops, please contact Mary Leehane on 8080 1256.


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