BH Hospital Kiosk Auxiliary volunteers celebrating 75 years

The volunteer BH Hospital Kiosk Auxiliary is this year celebrating its 75th Anniversary and the fact since its inception it has raised well over $2 million to buy equipment for the hospital.

Money raised by sales in the Kiosk goes towards buying medical equipment in the Broken Hill Health Service. It is estimated that the Auxiliary has bought well over $2 million worth of equipment since its humble beginnings 75 years ago. From 2008 to now the Auxiliary has donated $1,159,260 – which included $160,000 in 2014, $188,000 last year and $131,000 so far this year.

Kiosk Auxiliary President, Mrs Cheryl Meuret, said: “It’s an honour to be the President of such a dedicated and hardworking team. All the volunteers past and present have done an exceptional job for the hospital and the Broken Hill community. Each volunteer should be proud of their contribution as it would be impossible to achieve such results without their hard work and commitment”.

The Kiosk Auxiliary volunteers were treated with a special celebration dinner at Central Football Club on Saturday, 24 September – the day 75 years ago the Auxiliary was established.

Far West LHD Chief Executive, Stuart Riley, said the Kiosk Auxiliary volunteers make an invaluable, ongoing contribution to the Broken Hill Health Service and wider community.

“On behalf of the District, I congratulate the Kiosk Auxiliary and its volunteers, past and present, for a magnificent job over the last 75 years,” said Mr Riley.

“Each year the Kiosk Auxiliary raises an incredible amount of money. Every department in the Broken Hill Health Service has benefited from equipment purchased by the Kiosk over the years. All the equipment is gratefully received and put to good use,” said Mr Riley. “The whole community is the recipient of their continual hard work and dedication and on behalf of the Health Service, I thank them all and wish the Auxiliary and its members all the best for many more years to come,” said Mr Riley.

The Kiosk Auxiliary volunteers exemplified how committed and dedicated volunteers who enjoy their work can benefit the community, said Far West LHD Volunteer Manager, Mary Leehane.

“Far West LHD is extremely fortunate to have a group of wonderful volunteers across the district. The Kiosk volunteers are a great example of how a group of people volunteering for something they are passionate about work together as team and accomplish outstanding results for the hospital,” said Mrs Leehane.

The Kiosk Auxiliary is always welcoming of new volunteers and men and women of all ages are encouraged to join. Volunteers can help by preparing food or serving at the kiosk counter and can donate as much of their time as they have available. Even a few hours a week is welcomed and gratefully appreciated.

For more information about joining the Kiosk Auxiliary please call into the Kiosk after 10am on any Monday and talk to the Kiosk President Mrs Cheryl Meuret

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