BH Hospital pathology department on show

International Pathology Day – Wednesday, 15 November

Staff from the pathology department in the BH hospital will be celebrating International Pathology Day tomorrow (Wednesday, 15 November) with an information display to showcase the pathology and forensic analysis crucial to creating better health in the Far West LHD.

The Pathology Laboratory will have a display in the foyer of the BH Hospital from 10am to 2pm. It will have information about the pathology service and equipment associated with pathology will be on display with giveaways for the public.

Glen Symons, Supervising Scientist / NSW Health Pathology at Pathology West in the Broken Hill hospital said pathology services help doctors to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions.

“We provide a 24 hour/7 day a week service to the Broken Hill Health Service and the Far West community via our normal laboratory hours and on-call service,” he said.

“Seventy per cent of medical decisions rely on pathology. Results from pathology tests, including blood tests and biopsies, give doctors the information they need to correctly diagnose and treat their patients. One hundred per cent of cancer is diagnosed by pathology. We may never meet the people working in laboratories behind the scenes but they are a critical part of our healthcare system.”

“Every Australian receives their first pathology test just days after they’re born. Half the Australian population will have a test this year.

Pathology West has been provided vital pathology services for local clinicians and patients across Far West LHD for over 12 years.

The Laboratory is led by an on-site team of eight staff, including five scientists, three collectors, clerical staff and visiting pathologists. Staff provide expertise to diagnose and provide care for a range of conditions, from common bacterial infections to complex diseases such as cancer

The Broken Hill laboratory in the Broken Hill hospital is part of the NSW Pathology West network, and comes under the NSW Health Pathology umbrella. NSW Health Pathology is Australia’s largest provider of public pathology and has over 60 laboratories, 200 collection services and 4000 staff.



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