Broken Hill Cancer Services invites you to an evening with Mick

The Broken Hill Cancer Services is inviting the public to an evening with motivational speaker Mick Miller who will speak about survivorship and dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Mick Miller is a motivational speaker who has worked with Australian athletes chasing Olympic glory, world champions, professional Rugby League teams, America’s Cup campaigns, and up-and-coming youth champions.

He’s seen athletes through good times and bad, through victory and meltdown, through triumphant euphoria and heart-breaking despair. He’s brought athletes back from career-threatening injury, rebuilt teams that were crumbling under pressure, and mentored his junior athletes through the challenges of growing up.

In 2013 Mick was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. His journey from diagnosis to survivorship has not been easy. His experience through his cancer diagnosis has led him on a new journey through life helping people who have survived a cancer diagnosis understand the challenges of recovery.

Mick also works with medical professionals helping them to understand the correct way of delivering “bad news”. His own personal experience of this encouraged him to challenge his own treating team to rethink their model of care and inspired him to assist other patients recover and discover a new beginning.

Patients, clients and members of the public are invited to join the BH Cancer Services for an evening with Mick, to ask the hard questions about survivorship and dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Please join us at the Broken Hill Musicians Club, Twilight Room (Crystal Street) on Wednesday, 16 May from 6pm to 8pm. You must register to attend by calling Sandra Turley on 0427 064 367. Closing date for registrations is 15 May.



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