Broken Hill Health Service public entrances reduced to one for COVID-19

The public entry at the Broken Hill Health Service will be reduced to one as of 8am on Wednesday, 1 April 2020 as part of the Far West LHD’s response to COVID-19.

This is to allow hospital staff to monitor and screen visitors and advise visitors of new visitor limits to the hospital.

The one public entry can be accessed via the horseshoe drop off point, alongside the Emergency Department public entrance (which remains unchanged). The Thomas Street main entry and the ramp access entry to Medical Ward will be closed.

This entry will be open from 8am to 8pm. There will be a concierge (staff member) at the entry to screen visitors and advise of the visitor limits. The concierge will ask you if you are well and where you are going in the health service. Visitors will also be asked to use the hand wash basin outside the entry.

The concierge will remind visitors of the new visitor arrangements at the hospital including:

  • If you are coming to the hospital to visit someone on the ward, please come alone (or with one other person if needed for support or assistance) and your visit will be limited in duration.
  • If coming to visit a child on the ward, two people at a time will be allowed to visit (eg parents). If you are coming to an outpatient appointment, please come alone if you can, or bring only one other person if you need them for support or assistance.

The ramp access to the Medical Ward will be closed and the concierge at the remaining entrance can assist with a wheelchair/staff assist if the visitor isn’t able to manage the distance to Medical Ward.

By limiting visitors and putting controls in place such as one publically available entrance and exit, we are aiming to keep the amount of foot traffic in the hospital to a minimum, which will help with containment and physical distancing of our visitors, staff and patients.

If you are unwell please don’t visit the hospital unless it is to access the Emergency Department. If you are unwell with respiratory illness, please phone ahead so appropriate plans can be put in place to support you and minimise risk to others. In line with Australian Government guidelines, please stay home unless you absolutely need to come to the hospital.

The Thomas Street entrance to the dedicated COVID-19 clinic will remain open, 10am-8pm, seven days a week.



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