Broken Hill Hospital Dialysis Unit has new machines

New more technically advanced haemodialysis machines have been installed in the Dialysis Unit at Broken Hill Hospital providing better health outcomes for our patients.

Seven new Fresenius 5008 haemodialysis machines and dialysis chairs were installed recently under a contract agreement with Fresenius Medical Care Australia. The new equipment came with provision of specialist training to local staff on their use.

“These new machines are more technically advanced and will provide better patient outcomes for our dialysis dependent patients,” said Geraldine McGettigan, Nurse Unit Manager, Dialysis Unit, Broken Hill Health Service.

“The new machines are very different to what has been used in the Broken Hill Health Service for the last 18 years and staff are learning how to use most of the new functions with follow up education planned for later in the year,” she said.

The dialysis unit has 12 patients at present who undertake three sessions each per week giving a total of 36 treatments weekly. We have the ability to treat 24 patients a week.

Ms McGettigan said the dialysis patients are excited about the new machines and have been asking staff questions in regards to the machines and their treatments.

“They enjoy that the computer screens are mobile and can be turned to face them, and they can see all of the same information as the nurses during their treatment. The patients have also received explanations about what they are looking at on the screens,” she said.

A brand new patient weight scale was also obtained for the Dialysis Unit, used to weigh patients before and after their dialysis treatment.

Staff have been receiving training and education on the new machines and chairs since their installation and beforehand. CNC Renal Services, Penny Griffin, had travelled to Port Augusta Hospital to work in their dialysis unit, to receive initial training in the new Fresenius 5008 machines. Pt Augusta Hospital transitioned to the new machines about 12 months ago, and were well equipped to pass on their experience. Sue Greaves, Clinical Specialist Fresenius Medical Care, recently visited the Dialysis Unit to provide clinical education to local staff in use of the machines.

The machines are valued at $35,000 each and the chairs $6,500. The new scales are valued at $8,500. They are provided under a contract ‘price per treatment’ agreement, which includes consumables, education, support and maintenance.

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