Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk does it again – $166,500 donation for hospital

The Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk volunteers will again make a significant donation to the Broken Hill Hospital to the tune of $166,500 to buy equipment.

This latest donation will bring the donations by the Kiosk to the Hospital in just the last nine years to a grand total of $1,611,000. The Kiosk Auxiliary donated $176,464 in the 2016-17 financial year.

A $166,500 cheque will be presented to the General Manager of the Broken Hill Health Service, Mr Ken Barnett, by Kiosk Auxiliary representatives President Betty Sammut and Treasurer Stephen Bennetts on:

Presentation:           Friday, 8 June
Time:                        10am
Location:                  Broken Hill Hospital Foyer

Mr Ken Barnett, General Manager Broken Hill Health Service, said the Kiosk Auxiliary and all its volunteers were an exceptional group who do a magnificent job throughout the year.

“Once more their hard work and dedication to the Kiosk and this hospital has resulted in a very large donation to the hospital. Their work in the Kiosk provides our hospital, our patients, consumers, staff and the community a valuable service and that is further extended by allowing us to buy new equipment, for which we are very grateful,” said Mr Barnett.

The donation will buy equipment that the Broken Hill Hospital have asked for in a ‘wish list’ to the Kiosk Auxiliary:

  • Patient IntellVue Monitors x 5 – $105,000. Bedside patient monitors connected to central monitoring system for continuous patient monitoring.
  • HiLo Beds x 3 – $20,000. Patient beds designed to go to floor level to reduce the risk of falls.
  • CMAC for Emergency Department – $10,000. Used in ED for viewing a patient’s airway on a video monitor.
  • Hydrotherapy Pool Equipment – $10,000. Replacement and upgrade of patient equipment used in the hydrotherapy pool.
  • Bariatric HiLo Chair – $5,000. Used in general clinics to better position bariatric patients for wound care procedures.
  • Ophthalmology Treatment Chair – $6,000. Used in the eye clinics for better positioning of patients during treatment.
  • ECG Machine for Tibooburra – $10,500. For measurement and analysing of ECG’s  at Tibooburra Health service.

Kiosk Auxiliary President, Betty Sammut, said the Kiosk Volunteers were extremely proud to be able to buy so much equipment for use in the hospital.

“It’s very pleasing that we are able to make a great donation again this year. All the volunteers love working in the Kiosk and I personally thank them for their hard work in helping to raise that much money for the hospital.” said Mrs Sammut.

The Kiosk Auxiliary and Broken Hill Health Service will also take the opportunity at the presentation to acknowledge the work by Volunteer Manager, Mrs Mary Leehane, who is leaving the health service and thank her for her contributions over the last few year.

Mrs Sammut reminded the public the Kiosk Auxiliary is always looking for volunteers and anyone interested can contact her on 0400 183 146.

She added the Kiosk continues to provide the same products it always has and freshly made on the premises. “Nothing’s changed, you can still get everything as before, except some sugary drinks.”



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