Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program classes restart for 2017

The Far West LHD has recommenced its Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation education/exercise classes for 2017.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program that assists individuals who are recovering from heart and lung related illnesses. The program provides education, counselling, and exercise to improve your health and wellbeing and to reduce your risk of future heart / lungs problems.

The goal of the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program is to return each patient to an optimal level of physical, psychological, social and vocational well- being. To achieve this goal, this program aims to improve cardio/pulmonary function, promote healthier lifestyles, to facilitate realistic and practical strategies, for health improvement and risk factor reduction.

Classes are held on:

  • Mondays at 10am (education) in the Subacute Rehabilitation Department, BH Hospital.
  • Mondays at 11am (exercise) in the Physiotherapy Department, BH Hospital
  • Wednesday at 11am and at 1pm (exercise) in the Physiotherapy Department, BH Hospital.

The Far West LHD professional cardiopulmonary team includes nurses, physiotherapists, diabetic education, respiratory therapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and the mental health team staff. This team works together for you, your families/carers, and physician to tailor the specific program components to meet your individual needs and abilities.

Referrals can be made during your hospital admission, or by your own Cardiologist/General Practitioner.

The program is run under the guidance of the Far West LHD Chronic and Complex Care team.

Co-ordination of the program is correlated by Clinical Nurse Consultant of Chronic and Complex Care, Kathryn Wallace, who can be contacted on 80 8080 1596 or 0438 051 132 or by email at

The return of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation education/exercise classes for 2017 was recently promoted in the Broken Hill Hospital foyer by (from left) Bonnie Tavian (Musculoskeletal (MSK) Coordinator), Jane Cain (Clinical Nurse Specialist Chronic and Complex Care), Kathryn Wallace (CNC Chronic and Complex Care) and Georgina Drewery (Manager Chronic and Complex Care).


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