Community Palliative Care Volunteers complete Induction Training

Far West LHD Palliative Care Services is pleased to announce that the first intake of Community Palliative Care Volunteers have completed the 25 hour Induction Training Program to prepare them for volunteering in the community.

Earlier this year the Far West LHD Palliative Care Volunteer Program sought volunteers to become involved in the Community Palliative Care Volunteer Service based in Broken Hill.

Four volunteers were presented their Certificate of Achievement at a graduation ceremony today. They can now help patients living at home who are receiving Specialist Palliative Care Services and are eligible for Community Palliative Care Volunteer Services. The volunteers will be matched with patients to ensure compassionate and person centred support for the patient and their carers to enhance their quality of life.

Community Palliative Care Volunteer service graduates Susan Lukoschek, Tracey Dolamore, Dorothy Henderson and Priscilla Mercieca with FWLHD’s Melissa Cumming (far left) and Janet Pearce (far right).

Ms Janet Pearce, Community Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator, said: “The volunteers are all excellent listeners, warm, empathetic and compassionate people with a strong commitment to volunteering with palliative care services.”

The Director of Cancer and Palliative Care Services in Far West LHD, Ms Melissa Cumming, congratulated the small but dedicated team of volunteers on completing their training. She also thanked the NSW Ministry of Health for funding the Volunteer Coordinator position that saw this service come to fruition.

“I also wish to thank Janet Pearce for her wonderful work in ensuring this service was grounded on a solid foundation and comprehensive volunteer training,” said Ms Cumming.

For more information about the Palliative Care Volunteer Service or if you are interested in volunteering with Palliative Care, contact Janet Pearce, Community Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator on 8080 1733 or email at




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