Community Update resource now available on Far West LHD website

Community can keep tabs on how the Far West LHD is keeping services safe


“Community Update” page on LHD website

The Far West LHD has created a ‘Community Update’ resource on its website where people can see what the LHD is doing to keep services safe for its patients and staff.

“As consumers of these services, it is important that you can also keep track of some of the ways we measure our performance. It is also important that we make sure information on our services is available in a variety of formats, including our internet page,” said Ms Melissa Welsh, Clinical Redesign and Innovation Manager, Far West LHD.

“We are displaying our safety results within the health service, and the Community Update is another way for our community to be able to see our results”.

There are three main safety sections on the page – Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention, Medication Safety, Falls Prevention and a ‘How Can I Help’ section. This information is presented in graphs and tables that show the most recent data and will be updated regularly.

The page also includes information of interest to consumers including privacy, healthcare rights, and improvement activities underway in the district. The information displayed each month on the CaRe screens throughout the Broken Hill Health Service is also available in the Community Update, so if you see something on the digital screens and would like to know more, you can go to the website.

The “Community Update” page is now available on the LHD’s website at  and click on the icon.

If you see something that you think you can help with, or if you have ideas of ways we can improve, contact us at: .


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