Dementia Awareness Month – Info stall at BH Hospital

Small actions can make a big difference for dementia sufferers

Dementia Awareness Month

Small actions can make a big difference for someone living with dementia and the Far West LHD is promoting this message during Dementia Awareness Month (September).

“Dementia Australia’s key message this year is ‘Small actions. Big difference.’ There are many small actions people can take to create a big difference for people impacted by dementia, their families and carers,” said Ms Liz Perrie, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Aged Care Far West LHD.

To help promote this message the Far West LHD Aged Care team is hosting an information stall for Dementia Awareness Month on Wednesday, 5 September from 10am to 2pm in the Broken Hill hospital foyer.

Information and giveaways will be available for people who are living with dementia, and those that know someone who is living with dementia such as family and carers

“The information stall will allow the public to gain information about what dementia is, how they can help people they know and love who are living with dementia, and how people in the community can maximise their brain health,” said Ms Perrie.

“There is also a focus on becoming a Dementia Friend – to create a Dementia Friendly community – which is a place where people living with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning purpose and value,” she said.

Ms Perrie and the Aged Care Team will also be inviting the public to conduct a brief survey to understand their knowledge of dementia services, education and support services available to them in the community and online.

The survey will assist Ms Perrie in conducting research into availability of dementia services and education in Broken Hill.

For more information about dementia you can contact Dementia Australia on 1800 100 500 or on their website

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