Documentary series to be filmed in Emergency Department at Broken Hill Hospital

Today the Far West Local Health District is pleased to announce an observational documentary will be made for the ABC based on the Emergency Department at the Broken Hill Hospital.

The eight-part half-hour series tentatively titled “Outback ER” will be made by TV production company Screentime Ptd Ltd, a Banijay Group company, for the ABC.

Production will involve filming the daily operation of the Emergency Department, Hospital and surrounds and will feature staff and patients and including interviews with staff, patients and visitors.

“This is a great opportunity for the Far West LHD and Broken Hill Health Service to be involved in a documentary that will be featured on the national broadcaster,” said Mr Stuart Riley, Chief Executive, Far West LHD.

“The benefits to our District cannot be underestimated in terms of promoting the great work our staff do on a daily basis in the Emergency Department and Hospital in providing quality care to our patients and the benefits of working here,” he said.

“We hope that, like the health service, the community embraces the project,” said Mr Riley.

The series begins pre-production this week.

Simon Steel, from Screentime, said he was delighted to get the green light for “Outback ER”.

“We are delighted to be able to highlight the extraordinary contribution the men and women of this rural emergency department make to help, not only the local community but visitors alike,” he said. “Given its remote location, the cases that present to this ER department are both unique and unbelievable” he continued.

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