Donation to Specialists Clinics at Broken Hill Health Service

The Far West Local Health District has welcomed the donation of a hi-flo suction pump for use by doctors in Specialist Clinics at Broken Hill Health Service.

The Silver City Workingmen’s Club and Y Men’s Club have combined their efforts to buy the new machine for $5,511 for use in the hospital.

The machine is a portable suction unit. It is used mainly by the visiting Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist when they visit for two days on a monthly basis. It is used to clear secretions.

The Health Service is very grateful to the efforts of the two organisations in raising the money to buy the machine.

“It will be a welcome addition to our Specialist Clinics and we very much appreciate and thank those two groups for this generous donation,” said Ms Jan Pearce, Specialist Clinic Unit Manager.

“The benefit of having our own unit is that we now don’t have to rely on borrowing a unit from another department,” she said.

The unit is also available for other medical staff to use in clinics that are held in our department


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