Far West LHD Celebrates 2018 Innovation and Staff Recognition Awards

Innovative projects and programs that have improved patient care and safety will be celebrated by the Far West Local health District at its annual Innovation Awards ceremony on Friday (10 August).

The Far West LHD is celebrating its 2018 Innovation and Staff Recognition Awards with the Innovation Awards again attracting a higher number of nominations than last year.

“The nominations for this year’s awards represents the hard work by our staff to improve services for our patients,” said Mr Ken Barnett, Acting Chief Executive, Far West LHD.

The nominations for Phoenix (large) and Ninja (small) projects are of a high standard and quality and our judging panel would have been challenged with the selection process, said Mr Barnett.

The 2018 Far West LHD Innovation Awards ceremony will hear from six finalists who have implemented innovative projects that have improved patient care and safety, and demonstrated system and process improvements. The FWLHD Innovation Awards finalists for 2018 are:

Pheonix Award finalists:

DACC – Direct Access Colonoscopy Clinic Far West LHD: Bowel cancer accounts for

12.4% of all cancer deaths in NSW and 150 people in Far West NSW will be diagnosed with Bowel Cancer over the next 5 years. Screening via Faecal Occult Blood Tests (FOBT) can identify early cancers, but this is only effective if the early detection leads to early testing and treatment. The Direct Access Colonoscopy Clinic aims to fast track people from FOBT screening through to investigation and treatment without unnecessary delays.

Far West NSW Disaster Preparedness and Resilience: There are 11 emergency management agencies in the Far West region who may be called upon to provide fast, appropriate responses to disasters in the region. The Far West LHD played a key role in motivating and empowering agencies to work collaboratively and maximise the reach and effectiveness of sparse resources.

 From Little Things Big Things Grow: Living Well in the MPS Collaborative: Residents of Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) are not patients in a hospital, they are people living in their own home. MPS’s have historically been run as health service facilities, and in partnership with the ACI, Balranald MPS embraced opportunities to explore ways for people to feel like they are living in their own homes, not patients in hospital.

Ninja Award finalists:

Destination Unknown: Accessing mental health services often has stigma attached in smaller communities. Many people accessing these services for the first time are unsure what to do and what to expect which can add another barrier to accessing these important services. Destination Unknown is a short 5 minute film aimed at reducing anxiety about mental health services and orientating people to Mental Health Drug and Alcohol facilities in Broken Hill Health Service. The video can be viewed at

http://fwlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/index.php?select1=Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol

CRAE – Centralised Remote Area Education: Delivering education to health care clinicians in rural and remote settings has many challenges and can lead to infrequent onsite education. The Centralised Remote Area Education Project (CRAE) was developed to provide a sustainable, contextual and multi-disciplinary platform for regular in-service education for rural and remote clinicians.

Far West Allied Health Recruitment Video: This video was developed as part of a workforce retention strategy for Allied Health.  It was produced with minimal funding and demonstrates the passion of the Allied Health workforce to come together and go above and beyond in highlighting their commitment for their region and make the Far West the best place to live and work. The video can be viewed at

http://fwlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/index.php?select1=Primary and Allied Health

 Judging the Awards will be: Ms Diana Ferry, Executive Officer FWLHD, Ms Denise Hampton, Project Manager for the UDRH and Mr Stan Dineen, BH Health Council member. The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) will also judge a winner for the ACI Innovation Award.

The District will also be presenting Staff Recognition Awards, including Early Career Excellence, Customer and Clinical Service Excellence, Team Excellence, Leadership Excellence and Aboriginal Staff Excellence. Long Service Recognition Awards will be presented to a number of employees from across the District, who have served from 10 years up to 50 years of service.

The Innovation and Staff Recognition Awards ceremony will be held at the Broken Hill UDRH on Friday, 10 August starting at 12noon until 2.30pm.



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