Far West LHD celebrates Healthy Weight Week 2015

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Locals are being encouraged to cook more fresh meals at home as a healthier alternative to take away, which is being promoted during Healthy Weight Week (February 16-22) by the Health Service and Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

Meals cooked at home usually contain not only more vegetables but less fat, salt and kilojoules; making them a much healthier alternative to take-away.

Local Dietitians are using Healthy Weight Week to look at portion control.

“We often see clients who are eating healthy food choices, but just having larger than recommended portion sizes. In the world of dietetics you certainly can get too much of a good thing!” said Community Dietitian, Heidi Drenkhahn.

As part of Healthy Weight Week, dietitians from the Health Service and GP Super Clinic are teaming up to hold an information stall at the GP Super Clinic on Tuesday and Thursday (17 and 19 respectively) where they will be challenging locals to test their portion control with some interactive displays of food.

“We’ll be asking questions like ‘How big does a ‘serve’ of rice look on your dinner plate?’ and ‘How many ‘serves’ of cereal are in your bowl in the morning?’” said Ms Drenkhahn. “Come along and take the test! Prizes will be on offer for those able to best measure a correct serving of foods from the different food groups.

The Far West LHD Dietetics Dept are also using Healthy Weight Week to promote their Facebook page which they are using to provide sound, evidence based nutrition information to the wider Far West community. You can find them on Facebook as Dietetics FWLD.

For the week of Healthy Weight Week (Monday 16th – Sunday 20th Feb) there will be a ‘Healthy Meal Brag’ competition run through the dietetics Facebook page. Send us a message with photos of your healthy, home-cooked meals and we’ll post up your efforts and send out prizes for the best healthy meals and most creative food ideas.

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