Far West LHD celebrates Occupational Therapy Week – Reach your pOTential

Reach your pOTential at Broken Hill Health Service

Occupational Therapy Week (16-22 October 2016)

Broken Hill Health Service is during Occupational Therapy Week (16-22 October) celebrating the many important ways Occupational Therapists (OTs) can help people throughout all stages of life reach their pOTential.

The profession’s focus is on helping people to live life to the fullest no matter what their aged or condition, said Ms Rebecca Smith, Manager Occupational Therapy Department, Broken Hill Health Service.

“Occupational Therapists work with people of all abilities and all ages to do the things they want and need to do through the use of therapeutic activities and equipment,” said Ms Smith.

Broken Hill Health Service is promoting Occupational Therapy Week with a display in the Hospital foyer during the week. A meet and greet session will be held in the foyer on Tuesday, 18 October between 10am and midday where you can come and meet the OT team.

The Broken Hill Health Service provides Occupational Therapy services to children, adults and older clients with OTs working in a range of settings including hospitals, community health and schools, providing services such as:


  • Help and training in daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and gardening.
  • Advice on adapting homes or other environments to meet the needs of the person.
  • Assessing and recommending equipment, such as wheelchairs and, if needed, advise on special devices to help around the home, school or workplace.


The profession was voted in 2015 as the 9th best profession/job in the United States via a US job search site as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald (15th April 2015).

“The variety of the work and clients that our team see in Broken Hill and the Far West is remarkable for practioners at all stages of their career. The diversity of not only the type of work but also the reach geographically is an exciting opportunity for OTs coming to work in our region,” said Ms Smith.

The Far West Occupational Therapy Network has also recently been re-established to provide a collaborative connection between the various private, public and non-practicing therapists in Broken Hill and the region.

“It is a great opportunity for networking across the various sectors and professional development for OT’s and OT support staff in the area,” said Ms Smith.

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