Far West LHD launches ‘You just don’t smoke around hospitals’

Every 4% reduction in tobacco smoking saves 3000 lives in Australia per year. That is the message being highlighted by Health Promotion Officers Rebecca Crawford and Karen Lloyd who are travelling around the Far West health sites to launch the ‘You just don’t smoke around hospital’s’ campaign for the region.

The campaign reminds staff, patients and visitors that to smoke you must leave health service grounds or move to the designated smoking area. Provided with a suite of free resources, the health service sites are encouraged to move people along if they witness people smoking where they are not supposed to.

The campaign will be launched in Broken Hill on Monday, 10 October followed by the Health Promotion Officers travelling around the District for the remainder of the week to promote the message at other health service sites including Ivanhoe, Balranald, Dareton, Wentworth and Menindee. Other Far West health services will be covered at a later date.

Lyndal O’Leary, Manager Health Promotion said: “This is a campaign that has been used with success in other parts of the State. With so many of our most disadvantaged communities living with the negative health impacts of tobacco, it’s important that we make sure all our facilities are supportive healthy environments.”

Community support to make smoke-free health facilities a reality, is seen as an integral part of this campaign. Ms Crawford who is based in Broken Hill is passionate about creating smoke -free environments and is available if anyone has any questions about the campaign.

To find out more, please contact Rebecca Crawford 08 8080 1217 or email rebecca.crawford@health.nsw.gov.au

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