Far West LHD Nurse of the Year Awards for 2017

The Far West Local Health District has acknowledged exceptional performance amongst its nursing staff by presenting 12 individual nurse awards and one nursing team award for 2017.

The awards were presented today by Ms Dale Sutton, Executive Director Nursing and Midwifery at Far West Local Health District as part of International Nurses Day (IND) celebrations in which the District recognises and pays tribute to its nursing staff.

The 2017 International Nurses Day Awards in Excellence recipients were selected from nominations submitted by their peers and colleagues across the Far West LHD. The award winners are in order of announcement:

Excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healthcare

  • Tiffany Cattermole – Student Midwife. Tiffany demonstrates collaborative and culturally sensitive care by engaging with ATSI women and their families. Working within the Midwifery Group Practice (MGP), Tiffany is able to bridge the important link between midwives and the indigenous women and their families. At all times she is open, honest and respectful to women and their families.
  • Sasha Carlaw – Enrolled Nurse. Sasha is culturally sensitive to the needs of ATSI patients and their families and discusses their care or needs that are required with other members of the healthcare team to ensure the plan of care is culturally appropriate. Sasha is extremely diligent in developing a rapport with any ATSI patient and their families that are admitted to the ward. Sasha at all times demonstrates the CORE values and is an extremely valued member of the Medical Ward Nursing Team.

 Excellence in Nursing / Midwifery – AIN / AIM

  • Bailey Stubbing – Assistant In Nursing. Bailey is an extremely kind and caring nurse, who communicates well with his patients and families. He works well in a team and requires little direction to complete the work required of him. Bailey is an extremely valued member of the team who works within his scope of practice and escalates issues and concerns when required. Bailey ensures his patients know exactly what is going on with their care and advocates for them all the time and every time. Bailey was nominated five times by both peers and managers.
  • Chandler Rieck – Assistant In Midwifery. Chandler is a thorough, thoughtful and considerate AIM (3rd Year student). He has good communication skills and engages well with women and their families, provides holistic care and is respectful of the women’s choices. Chandler is women centred and advocates for the women. Chandler always collaborates and consults with the midwife regarding care that is and needs to be provided to the women. She is honest, trustworthy and very well respected by the women and her team.

Excellence in Nursing – Enrolled Nurse


  • Morgan Walsh. Morgan is very well respected in her team, she engages extremely well with all her team and patients when providing a high standard of care. She ensures that patients and their families are heard and listened to and has the ability to escalate appropriately. Morgan participates in ward meetings and brings positive ideas to ensure there is an efficient functioning unit that focuses on patients needs. Morgan is an excellent advocate for the NSW CORE (Collaboration, Openness, Respect, Empowerment) values. It is easy to see Morgan loves nursing and caring for her patients and undertakes this role with an element of fun. Morgan was nominated 4 times by her peers and managers.

Excellence in Nursing / Midwifery – Graduate Registered Nurse.

  • Scarlet Pollett. Scarlet demonstrates skills, knowledge and commitment to the Medical Unit beyond her experience. Always professional, well mannered, open and honest. She respects the personal rights / preferences of patients, is culturally appropriate and dignified in her approach. Scarlett has well developed clinical skills and knowledge which enables her to contribute to improving patient safety and the quality of care provided. She is a confident, competent nurse that has outstanding communication and interpersonal skills that allows her to effectively communicate with patients and the team with which she works within. Her care is always patient-centred.
  • Joshua Kingsford. Joshua has a unique and exceptional manner of building a rapport with both patients and families he cares for. Although relatively junior in experience, this special skill and his ability to be empathetic and developing a trusting relationship with those that he cares for has resulted in multiple compliments and thanks from the community of Broken Hill. Joshua seeks out extra education and training to continually improve his skills, he is inquisitive and will ask questions, he is a team player who is open and honest and supportive of his peers.

Excellence in Nursing – Registered Nurse.

  • Jenna Muscat. Jenna is always inclusive of her patients and their families in the care that is being provided. She spends extra time to get to know them and ensuring their needs are a priority – truly patient centred. Her open and friendly nature puts patients at ease and at all times she respects their preferences and is culturally appropriate. She educates her patients about their care thus empowering them to make informed choices. She is an excellent role model for new staff and the team she works within and willingly shares her knowledge and skills to help others maintain high standards.

Excellence in Midwifery – Registered Midwife.

  • Danielle Toigo. Danielle works above and beyond her role for the Maternity Unit on a daily basis. She works tirelessly to ensure the midwives are aware of their role and function and are safe, and provide the appropriate care and refer women when required. She has stepped up to this management role as the Team Leader running this unique, remote, all risk model of care for the women of Broken Hill. Danielle is dedicated to both the women and the midwives in her team. Danielle is collaborative, engaging, open, honest and respectful of women and their families and the team of MGP. Her unwavering support and belief in midwifery, women and her team is testimonial to her being an exceptional RM.

Excellence in Clinical Leadership

  • Max McLean. Max is a friendly, highly skilled supportive manager. He supports each ward and staff member offering continual assistance when needed that makes each and every individual staff member feel supported and safe when he works. He provides outstanding clinical leadership and inspires staff to give their best all the time, every time. He sets the example he expects from people and undertakes leadership rounding to support both the team and the patients the team cares for. He is an outstanding representative of the Broken Hill Executive and provides excellent clinical leadership.

Excellence in Nursing/ Midwifery Management

  • Briana Bartley. Briana is a fair and hardworking boss, who supports and provides education to improve and extend the nursing staff’s clinical practice and skills. She has empowered and inspired staff to provide better care and work collaboratively as a team. Briana will always advocate for her patients, is very passionate about patient-centred care and is a great role model for the staff.

Excellence in Innovation in Education Award

  • Wendy Gleeson. Wendy demonstrates an outstanding commitment to lifelong learning through encouraging and supporting all nurses and midwives across Far West. She demonstrates innovation and creativity through the resources used, education packages written and the development of career pathways for nurses. Wendy was instrumental in the student-led ward model that is now going to be rolled out across the Health Service. She is able to provide clinical leadership in a calm and supportive environment; she inspires staff to be their best and holds them accountable for the care provided. She is passionate about continual professional development and works tirelessly to ensure all levels of nurse from novice to expert feel supported, have the educational requirements appropriate to their needs to provide safe, quality care to patients. Wendy demonstrates exceptional CORE values and is an outstanding role model to both current and future nurses who work within the Health Service.

Excellence in Nursing / Midwifery Team

  • Emergency Department (Broken Hill Health Service). The ED nursing staff exemplifies great team work. There is great collaborative effort between all members of the ED team to ensure the best outcomes for the patients. There is respectful and clear communication both to the patients and within the team. There is an honesty, openness and respectfulness within the team and with the patients this team cares for. This team works exceptionally well everyday considering the unit is fast-paced, high stress in difficult and challenging circumstances. The team is supportive of each other by holding each other accountable for the CORE values, taking every opportunity to improve each other’s skills and using the spare time they have to educate and provide mini-in-services when the opportunities arise.

Ms Dale Sutton said she wished to congratulate all the award recipients. “It is well deserved recognition for their commitment to providing quality service and care to our patients.”



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