Far West LHD supports Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – June

Information sessions in hospital and community pharmacies during the month

The Broken Hill Cancer Services and the Dieticians from Far West Local Health District have joined forces to highlight the importance of bowel screening during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (June).

Screening is the process of looking for cancer in people who don’t have any symptoms. It is particularly important for bowel cancer, which often has no symptoms in its early stages.

The faecal occult blood test (FOBT) looks for microscopic traces of blood in your stools, which may be a sign of polyps, cancer or another bowel condition. An FOBT does not diagnose cancer, but it helps your doctor decide whether to do other tests, such as a colonoscopy.

People over 50 should have an FOBT every two years. Because the test helps catch bowel cancer early, this can significantly improve the chance of surviving the disease.

There will be an information session about bowel screening held in the Hospital foyer on Wednesday, 1 June and Wednesday, 29 June. Information sessions will be held in pharmacies in the community on the other Wednesdays during June:

Week 1

Wed, 1 June

Week 2

Wed, 8 June

Week 3

Wed, 15 June

Week 4

Wed, 22 June

Week 5

Wed, 29 June

Hospital Foyer South  Pharmacy Peoples Pharmacy Nettings Hospital Foyer
11 -1pm 10am – 12noon 10am – 12noon 10am -12noon Final Day
2pm – 3pm 1pm – 3pm 1pm – 3pm 1pm – 3pm 11am – 1.30pm
Cancer Services & Dieticians Cancer Services Cancer Services Dietician & Cancer Services Y’s men & Cancer Services


“We will be handing out information about screening kits, the importance of fibre in your diet, healthy recipes and lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of cancer,” said Sandra Turley, Cancer Care Coordinator, Far West Local Health District.

A pancake day will be held in the last week on Wednesday, 29 June with healthy fibre pancakes on sale in the hospital foyer between 11am and 1.30pm. The Cancer Services will also be selling raffle tickets to raise funds for its next project.

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