Far West LHD welcomes $176,464 donation for Broken Hill Hospital

For as long as the Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk Auxiliary has been in existence they have contributed to the Broken Hill Hospital Wish List.

2017 is no exception. This financial year the Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk has already donated $11,000  and will be presenting a cheque for $165,464 which will purchase a wide range of equipment for the Broken Hill Hospital; bringing the 2016-2017 financial year total donation to $176,464.

Ken Barnett, General Manager Broken Hill Health Service said: “Once again the Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk has done an exceptional job and their hard work has resulted in another magnificent donation to the Broken Hospital. We are grateful for their donation and for the service that the Kiosk provides to the hospital, our patients, consumers, staff and our community”.

The Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk Auxiliary will be represented by three members of the Kiosk Executive: President Betty Sammut, Treasurer Stephen Bennetts and Secretary and Public Officer Dennis Roach, who will present the cheque to Mr Ken Barnett, on:

Presentation:             Wednesday 14 June
Time:                                      3.00 pm
Location:                    Broken Hill Hospital Foyer

“Every one of our volunteers are extremely proud of the contribution they make to the Kiosk and feel pleased and delighted when they are able to present a cheque for such a large donation to the Hospital,” said Mrs Sammut.

The Kiosk Auxiliary is always welcoming of new volunteers and men and women of all ages are welcome to join. Volunteers can help by preparing food or serving at the kiosk counter and can donate as much of their time as they have available. Even a few hours a week is gratefully welcomed. For more information about joining the Kiosk Auxiliary please contact Ms Betty Sammut on 0400 183 146.

 The donation will pay for the following equipment:

  • 3 x Welch Allyn Vital signs monitors. The replace current monitors which are over 10 years old. One will go to Medical Ward, two to Surgical Ward. Total: $12,703.
  • 2 Bariatric Shower/Commode Units; 4 Standard Shower/ Commode Units. Total: $7,200.
  • One O-Two Equinox, Advantage N20/02 Analgesic Gas Mixing Delivery System for use in Maternity. Total: $8,395.
  • 15 x Departmental Drug Fridges. Total: $41,300.
  • One Hand Held Tympanometer – Ear, Nose, Throat for use in Specialist Clinic. Total: $2,975.
  • Three Patient Televisions (spare parts for current TV’s) at $485 each.
  • One Anaesthetic Machine for use in Operating Theatre. Total $65,000.
  • One Mac 2 Blade and Video Bronchoscope for use in Operating Theatre. Total: $26,436


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