Far West LHD welcomes new interns to its medical workforce

Three young doctors have begun their medical careers at the Broken Hill Hospital as interns in a continuing positive development of the Far West LHD’s medical workforce.

The interns began work in the hospital this week and two are directly employed by the District. They will be residing and working here for the next two years. The other position is on rotation from Concorde Hospital.

“We’re very pleased to welcome the interns to the workforce and I am sure they will enjoy the challenging and rewarding experience of working and living in a rural and remote environment,” said Dr Kathleen Atkinson, Director Medical Services, Far West LHD.

The young doctors will spend time in the medical and surgical ward and emergency department of the hospital during their internships. They will be assessing patients admitted to hospital, assessing changing medical conditions whilst in the wards, and assisting in emergency department. This will be done whilst under supervision of more senior doctors.

“The employment of interns by the District benefits both our medical workforce and the community, as the doctors will be living and working here as part of the community,” said Dr Atkinson.

“It positions the District as a provider of training for new doctors and helps address our medical workforce issues. We are confident that the training of interns locally will bring with it rewards in encouraging more doctors to consider coming out to the Far West to pursue a rewarding medical career.”

The Interns are:

Dr Andrew Harris is employed by BHHS and his first term will be Emergency Department. Dr Harris is from Broken Hill and has family here.

Dr Martin Hanson is employed by BHHS and his first term will be in medicine. He is from Castlecrag, NSW.

Dr Phillip Cellich is seconded from Concord Hospital and his first term will be in general surgery. Dr Cellich lives in Sydney.


From left: Dr Phillip Cellich, Dr Andrew Harris and Dr Martin Hanson.

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