Far West LHD welcomes new Registered Nurses and Midwives for 2015

The Far West Local Health District has today welcomed 15 new Registered Nurses (RNs) and Midwives (RMs) to its workforce for 2015.

The 15 nurses and midwives will begin their nursing careers here as part of the Far West LHD Rural and Remote Transition to Professional Practice Registered Nurse / Midwife Program. The Far West LHD program is one of the most sought after in the state with over 40 applications received for 2015.

The new nurse graduates were welcomed to the District and community by Far West LHD Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Ms Dale Sutton. “On behalf of the District and the LHD executive, I welcome our new nurses and midwives to our workforce. I am sure they will have an extremely enjoyable experience with us and I wish them well.”

The Transition to Professional Practice Registered Nurse / Midwife Program in Far West LHD offers new RNs and RMs the opportunity to experience both rural and remote nursing throughout Far West LHD facilities. The program places nurses in Broken Hill, Ivanhoe, Wilcannia, Tibooburra and Balranald. These remote placements provide the opportunity of a unique remote nursing experience of which metropolitan programs cannot.

The 2015 Graduates will experience clinical practice in: Emergency, Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit, Medical and Surgical wards, Mental Health, and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Unit.

The District is also for the second year participating in the Metro/Rural exchange program for its new nurse graduates. This program provides a six month rotation to Far West LHD and a six month rotation at Gosford Hospital. This is a unique opportunity afforded to graduated nurses to gain experience from both a rural and metropolitan perspective.

Ms Sutton said the Transition to Practice program was a unique opportunity for the nurses and midwives. “The nurses during this time are exposed to many different clinical skills, which will enhance and consolidate their nursing knowledge,” she said.

“This opportunity is something new RN’s and RM’s in metropolitan areas would not have access to. In turn these placements foster pathways to the recruitment of staff for our remote facilities and communities,” she said.

Since the program started, about 75 per cent of participants have remained to live and work in the District following completing the program. Far West LHD has been able to retain 15 of the 20 new graduate RN’s/ RM’s who participated in the 2014 program.

Registered Nurse Luke Gunter, who participated in the 2014 Transitional to Professional Practice program, said the program was very rewarding and a great learning experience. He added the program provided him with the opportunity to experience and gain new skills required working in both the rural and remote clinical setting which has assisted him to successfully gain a position in the 2015 Far West LHD Transition to Specialty Program for Critical Care.

The 15 nurses and midwives will undergo an orientation this week featuring both practical and classroom activities. They will also meet staff and mentors who will support and guide their transition from university student to responsibilities of being a Registered Nurse / Midwife. They will begin work in their respective departments and facilities soon after.


Our new graduate Registered Nurses and Midwives for 2015


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