Far West Local Health District acknowledges volunteers

National Volunteer Week (9-15 May) celebration

The Far West Local Health District will be celebrating its volunteers and volunteers from colocated services on Tuesday 10 May as part of National Volunteer Week.

The District’s volunteers will be treated to a luncheon and the ‘Far West LHD & Pamela Lord Volunteer of the Year Award’ will be presented by the Chief Executive, Mr Stuart Riley. The award will be made to a volunteer or team of volunteers.

“It is the first presentation of the award since its inception last year and we are very excited to see who will be the worthy recipient for 2016,” said Mary Leehane, Volunteer Manager, Far West LHD.

The Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk Auxiliary will also be making a major donation to the hospital.

Kiosk Auxiliary President Cheryl Meuret will be presenting a cheque for $131,274 to Ken Barnett, General Manager of the Broken Hill Health Service, for the purchase of equipment for the hospital.

Mrs Meuret said it is anticipated that the Kiosk will be in a position to contribute another $35,000 in a few months as part of an ongoing project for new operating equipment for ear, nose and throat procedures.

Mr Stuart Riley, Chief Executive, said it is always a pleasure to have the opportunity of thanking our volunteers for all that they contribute to our organisation. “Showing our appreciation and expressing our thanks to all our volunteers is a small gesture for the vital role they play in assisting the LHD provide a better level of care for our patients,” said Mr Riley.

“The very large donation by the Kiosk Auxiliary is a significant contribution and testament to commitment and hard work by all those volunteers towards helping improve our health service,” he said.

The theme of this year’s National Volunteer Week Celebrations is “Give Happy Live Happy”.

Mary said recent research shows that volunteers live happier and healthier lives.

“Studies show that volunteering is a healthy lifestyle choice. Association Professor Thomas Nielsen, University of Canberra said: ‘One of the healthiest things we can do is to volunteer.  Volunteering leads to healthier, happier, and long lives. Sustainable wellbeing comes not from money or consumerism, but from having meaningful happiness in our lives. Studies show intimate links between generosity and our immune system.  We now know that volunteering is not just good for our physical health, but for our psychological and emotional health too.’

The National Volunteer Week celebration will be held Tuesday, 10 May at the University Department of Rural Health, auditorium 2 and 3 starting at 11am.

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