Far West Local Health District positive results in 2015 YourSay Survey

The recently released 2015 YourSay Survey conducted across the NSW public health system found the majority of staff in the Far West Local Health District are proud to be a part of the organisation and would recommend their workplace as a good place to work.

“Since the first YourSay survey in 2011, the Far West LHD has placed considerable emphasis on making the organisation a good place to work and in particular addressing bullying and abuse,” said Mr Stuart Riley, Chief Executive, Far West Local Health District.

He said activity had focussed on improving the workplace, responding effectively where behaviour or performance was poor and recognising the achievements of staff.

“The results of the survey suggest our efforts are paying dividends.”

A total of 546 Far West LHD staff completed the survey conducted earlier this year, an estimated response rate of 60 per cent, compared to 41 per cent for NSW Health overall.

“The results highlight a significant increase in staff engagement and perception of the organisational culture,” Mr Riley said.
The majority of staff indicated they:
• Are proud to be a part of the LHD’s workforce and that working in the LHD makes them want to do the best job they can
• Would recommend the LHD as a good place to work, and had a strong sense of belonging
• Have confidence in the decisions made by their line manager and said their successes and innovations are recognised
• Are treated respectfully regardless of their job
• Think it is safe to speak up and challenge the way things are done and that morale is good in their team.

Mr Riley said there had been a significant reduction in incidences of unacceptable behaviour, abuse or discrimination directed towards staff and the majority have confidence that if reported the LHD will respond to this behaviour appropriately.

“More staff also said that when issues are raised in the team, their line manager ensures they are addressed and more than twice as many staff have confidence they will be dealt with than those who don’t,” Mr Riley said.

“Aboriginal people rated many of the items in the survey more highly than the average for the LHD, suggesting our efforts to ensure the health service is a good place for Aboriginal people to work are succeeding.

“Since the first YourSay survey in 2011, everyone has worked to improve the way we work together so we provide a better service to our communities. The results have highlighted significant improvements, as well as providing areas we can focus on to make the Health Service an even better place to work.”

The YourSay survey results can be found on the NSW Ministry of Health website at http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/workforce/yoursay/2015/Pages/default.aspx

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