Friends bring “craftanoon” to Wentworth Health Service

What do you do when you are an inpatient for up to 12 weeks at Wentworth Health Service?

Ms Silvanna Twyford is an inpatient in the Wentworth Health Service and is currently undergoing rehabilitation in the Transition Care Program. This program has been able to provide support for Ms Twyford after undergoing extensive and complex orthopaedic surgery.

Ms Twyford lives alone and the stipulation given to her from her surgeon was that she had to have somewhere to rehabilitate or she could not have the surgery. The Transition Care Program was able to meet the requirements which meant Ms Twyford could have the surgery and also come home closer to family and friends while she recovered.

After doing her exercise regime each morning, Ms Tywford would sit alone making her beautiful cards. Her craft group decided to come to her as she was missing out on her weekly classes.

Wentworth Health Service has welcomed the visitors and the opportunity it presents.

“It was an absolute delight having the ladies here and we hope to get them on board as volunteers to have ‘craftanoon’ more often,” said Health Service Manager, Kelly Dart.

“Now that Wentworth has changed its model of care we are looking for more volunteers to provide hobbies for our inpatients such as gardening, painting and craft and even a book club would be good,” said Ms Dart

If you are interested in volunteering please do not hesitate to contact Ms Kelly Dart, Health Service Manager on 03 5027 7111.


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