FWLHD celebrates Excellence in Customer Service and Long Service Awards

The Far West Local Health District today celebrated its staff that had excelled in customer service and had contributed to an exceptional level.

Award categories were expanded for this year’s awards, and in addition to peer nominations, consumers were again encouraged to nominate staff and teams for excellent service.

At a ceremony today, FWLHD Interim Chief Executive, Mr Stephen Rodwell, presented awards to a number of employees in recognition of their exceptional service to the organisation and community.

Early Career Excellence was presented to:

  • Lakshmi Priya Ponmudi (Administration and Support Staff)
  • Alexandra Kusiak (Allied Health Staff)
  • Dr Yvette Etherden (Medical Staff)

Customer/Clinical Service Excellence:

  • Clifford Williams (Administration Staff)
  • Stacey Evers (Clinical Support Staff)
  • Sally Connell (Allied Health Staff)
  • Joseph Kervin (Nursing Staff)
  • Dr Elizabeth Richardson (Medical Staff)

Leadership Excellence

  • Annette Vartuli (Administration and Support Staff)
  • Kim Schellnegger (Allied Health Staff)
  • Anita Elrnadsen (Nursing Staff)
  • Dr Arnm Haque (Medical Staff)

Team Excellence

  • Dietetics Team (Allied Health Group)

Peer Recognition for Staff Excellence (Studer)

  • Jane Baker

Consumer Recognition for Staff Excellence

  • Carmel King

Consumer Recognition for Team Excellence

  • Menindee Health Service

Employee Recognition Awards for years of dedicated service were also presented to a number of employees from across the District.

Long Service Awards for 10 years of service were presented to:

Kareen Anne Comeadow
Avril Turner Fazulla
Melissa Welsh
Carolyn Lee Dermody
Carolyn Fay Williams
Sonja Lee Boyce
Helen Kristian Hayes
Chloe Anne Lingard
Nicholas Barry Westley
Christine Gail Delbridge
Tracey Anne Gaiter
Adrian Craig Winter
Emma Lauren Kemp
Rosemary Martin
Margo Renowden
Christy Smith
Mark Thomas
Marie Bongetti
Kimberley Ann Flood
Susan Thomas
Sharon Lee Honson

Long Service Awards for 20 years of service were presented to:

Paul Anthony Kaye
Alexandra Rita Pippin
Michael Charles Weinert
Racheal Nagas
Elizabeth Joy Buffon
Christina Butler
Teresa Perry

Long Service Awards for 30 years of service were presented to:

Peter Raymond Lane
Alina Leanne Dwyer
Paul Andrew Murphy
Murray Barker
Cherylyn Maree Fazulla
Briana Jane Bartley
Ann-Marie Joy Hoskins
Wynsome Heather Scott
Lee-Ann Howarth
Coral Louise Bennett

The Far West LHD Employee Recognition Awards are presented for years of dedicated service to the organisation. The recipients were recognised with certificates of acknowledgement and a gift.

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