FWLHD Tai Chi program for 2018 starts

Tai Chi Information Day

The very popular Tai Chi program run by dedicated Tai Chi leaders in Broken Hill has recommenced classes for 2018. An information/registration session is being held for interested newcomers.

All interested community members are invited to attend the information/registration session on:

Date:                Saturday 10 February 2018
Time:               9am.
Venue:             South Broken Hill Golf Club

The Information/Registration day will include a Tai Chi demonstration by Volunteer Tai Chi Leaders Gail Turner, Margaret Grillett and Ellen Hamilton, as well as outlining the structure of the classes.

The beginner’s class will be in addition to the existing advanced and intermediate classes which will continue in their usual time slots:

  • Wednesday Advance Classes 10am commencing on 7 February;
  • Friday Intermediate Class at 10am commencing on 8 February; and
  • Saturday Intermediate Class commencing at 10am.

Because of the interest generated the new beginners class will be offered at 9am on Saturday mornings commencing on Saturday 17 February.

Volunteer Tai Chi Leader Gail Turner said: “The feedback from the participants on the classes has been exceptional and their reported results, both on their improved health and their enjoyment of the classes, spur me on to continue the classes.”

Volunteer Manager, Mary Leehane, said: “I think Gail’s motivation and love of sharing her skills is contagious, as we now have three additional volunteers, who were all members of the original advanced class. Betty den Haan, Margaret Grillett and Ellen Hamilton completed the Tai Chi training offered by the Western NSWLHD Health Promotion Team and continue to assist and lead some of the classes.”

The benefits of regularly practicing Tai Chi can result in improved fitness, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. It can improve balance, decreases risk of falls, ease pain and stiffness and promote relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing.

Mrs Leehane also expressed thanks to the South Broken Hill Golf Club for their continued support by providing free a venue for the Tai Chi sessions.

For further information please contact:

–       Volunteer Leader Gail Turner on 0447 311 252; email suzannegturner@icloud.com

–       Far West LHD Health Promotion Officer Rebecca Crawford on 08 8080 1217 or email rebecca.crawford@health.nsw.gov.au

–       Far West LHD Volunteer Manager Mary Leehane on 08 8080 1256 or email Mary.Leehane@health.nsw.gov.au

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