FWLHD volunteers acknowledged for exceptional contribution

The many volunteers who contribute their time and efforts to the local health service will be applauded today (Monday, 24 February) with a special morning tea.

A special morning tea is being held in the hospital foyer at 11am for all hospital volunteers as part of NSW Health Volunteers Appreciation Day.

“We chose to acknowledge and thank your volunteers and mark their valuable contribution to the health service and wider community,” said Far West Local Health District Volunteer Manager Mary Leehane.

“They not only help in a variety of ways our patients and their families, but also our staff members throughout the organisation,” she said.

“The positive difference to the lives of our patients, their families and our staff made by the actions of our volunteers can be immeasurable.”

BH Health Service volunteers include the Hospital Kiosk volunteers, those who assist the staff at the Mental Health Inpatient Unit and Carers Groups, the Artist in Residence, the patient-based Care volunteers, the Aqua and Tai Chi Leaders, the Patient Family Support Staff volunteers, our co-located volunteers from Telecross  and Hospital visitor Mrs Pam Lord. Local club volunteers from the Legion, Musicians and Working Men’s clubs also visit fellow club members who are patients in the hospital and the Chaplaincy group visit their parishioners.

Mrs Leehane also praised the volunteers on the Broken Hill Health Council who play a valuable role in helping and advising the hospital management on ways to improve and better the health service. Members volunteer their time to plan and advise on health services in Broken Hill Hospital.

Far West LHD Chief Executive, Stuart Riley said: “The Morning Tea is a small but heartfelt gesture from the health service to thank and recognise all the volunteers. We hope that NSW Health Volunteers Appreciation Day is not the only day we let our volunteers know they are very much appreciated and that their contribution is important to us and the community.”

NSW Health has a long successful history of encouraging a culture of engaging the community in volunteering. NSW Health greatly values the relationship fostered with volunteers who generously give their time, knowledge and life experiences to support our health services.

Being a volunteer benefits the community and individuals by making it easier for the community to interact with one another socially and at the same time, becoming involved in local community issues, projects and services.

If you are interested in volunteering with Far West Local Health District please contact Mary Leehane on 8080 1256.

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