Health service urges visitors to Menindee to play it safe

Playing safe in Menindee

Visitors urged to take care and be prepared for accidents

The Menindee Health Service is urging visitors to take care whilst they visit the township and river and lakes system.

With recent inflows into the lakes system, the health service has noticed an increase in visitors taking advantage of the change in weather to visit the area and witness the water flowing.

“Come and enjoy Menindee and the lakes but please be mindful of your safety,” said Menindee Health Service Manager, Barbara Turner.

“Make sure you have a first aid kit with you including simple pain relief and treatments for bites and stings, hay fever and bandages for snake bite,” she said.

Visitors were also advised not to drink and drive or take illegal substances whilst driving or using equipment.

The public is also reminded that the Menindee Health Service staff only work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. If you have an emergency, please call triple zero (000).

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