Healthy together as a family – free family-based program

Have you ever had a sudden burst of motivation to exercise more or change your family’s eating habits, but find it hard to change and give in after a while?

A free program called ‘Healthy Families’ to support families to make healthy lifestyle changes has been developed by the Far West LHD Dietetics Department with the help of Uni of Sydney Dietetic students Jenny Dinh and Hilaria Chan, in a joint initiative between the Dietetics Department and YMCA Wellness Centre.

Studies have shown that healthy behaviours in a family are beneficial for all family members, for example, family members are generally happier and feel more connected when they eat together at mealtimes. Whilst many Australian families understand that it is best to follow a healthy lifestyle, they struggle to do so. Families in Broken Hill with school aged children are encouraged to work together towards developing healthy habits and making them last by participating in this program.

“We want to focus on supporting behaviour changes in the family as a whole because often children learn from their parents or carers,” said Miss Dinh.

“Health is not solely about weight. Nowadays, longer times spent on phones or a shorter sleeping time is an issue affecting people’s health. Behaviour changes and knowledge are important to cope with health-related problems,” said Miss Chan. Previous programs might not have aimed at getting the whole family involved, but “Healthy Families” is a comprehensive program to help local families tackle barriers and achieve their health goals.

Far West LHD Dietitian, Tracy Herlihy, said: “Through my experience, people often achieve the best outcomes by reflecting on what they want to change and setting achievable goals. This program is all about being able to work with your family to improve healthy habits, one small step at a time.”

Any families with children between 5 to 17 years old are eligible to participate in this program which consists of a 1-hour workshop and eight (8) weeks of weekly newsletters with tips and advice. To see how your family is progressing a phone call follow-up with a Dietitian and a Booster session will also be available. During the workshop, your children have a chance to try the YMCA crossfit or teen gym class for free.

The program starts on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 and you need to register with the Dietetic Department. Numbers are limited for the session but this program will be run monthly, so if you don’t get in to the first class, there will be another chance next month. Contact the Dietetic Department at Broken Hill Health Service at 8080 1670 to receive more details and start your journey to a Healthier Family.

Free ‘Healthy Families’ Program

Who:    Families with children between 5-17 years old

What:   Family based program aimed at forming healthy family habits

When:  Starting 17th September 2019, 4-5pm

Where:  YMCA Wellness Centre

How:    Contact Dietetic Department on 8080 1670


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