Healthy Weight Week – Get on board for a healthier future!

Locals are encouraged to get on board Australia’s Healthy Weight Week this year by focussing on a long term view to obtaining a healthy weight and motivate themselves to kick-start healthy eating habits.

The local Health Service is supporting the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA) Healthy Weight Week (17-23 February) campaign that is urging people to ditch the quick-fix diet fads that you can’t stick to over the long haul.

Community Dietitian Heidi Drenkhahn said adopting a long-term view when it comes to food can help avoid serious health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, which are already affecting many people.

“There’s lots of diets at this time of the year that promise quick and easy weight loss,” said Miss Drenkhahn. “Sadly, the good results are just as quick and then just as easily gone. I encourage all locals to look at how they cook and eat for long-term health. Making small changes, such as controlling your portion sizes, is where the best health gains will be made,” she said

This year’s Healthy Weight Week campaign top priority is brushing up on cooking and local Dietitians will be providing seminars on understanding product packaging and creating quick, healthy and budget friendly meals at home.

The Understanding Product Packaging & Quick Healthy Meal Preparation seminars will be held:

At the Broken Hill PCYC, Gypsum St.

  • Tuesday 18 February 10:30am to 12noon – Morning tea provided.
  • Thursday 20 February at 5:30pm to 7pm – Light tea provided.

Please RSVP for catering purposes by the day before the seminar you choose to attend by calling the Dietetics office on (08) 8080 1397. Leave a message if phone unattended.

Supermarket tours will also be conducted throughout the week aimed at helping you to understand what to look for on the supermarket shelf and guide you towards the healthiest options available within each food group.

The Supermarket Tours will occur:

Held at Woolworths Centro Plaza. Meet outside EB games.

  • Families with Children – Tuesday 18 February at 3:30-4:30pm and Wednesday 19 February 3:30-4:30pm
  • Adults – Monday 17 February at 10:30-11:30am and Wednesday 19 February 5:30-6:30pm.

Heidi’s Five Week change guide for a healthier lifestyle:

Making small and sustainable changes to your eating can make a big difference to your long-term health. Start making changes today using my 5-week cooking guide:

WEEK 1: Plan your weekly meals. Set aside one day each week to write down your weekly meals to prevent last-minute takeaways.

WEEK 2: Choose a healthy cooking method. When you plan your meals, choose dishes that require microwaving, steaming, grilling or stir-frying. These are great ways to cook as they don’t require lots of fats and oils.

WEEK 3: Make it colourful. Lunch and dinner meals can be dull without vegetables. Add one more serve at lunch or dinner each day to help get your recommended five serves.

WEEK 4: Shrink portion sizes. Check your plate (or bowl) size. Using a plate 25 per cent smaller, means you’ll be eating 25 per cent less food!

WEEK 5: Switch to healthier drinks. Water and reduced-fat varieties of milk are the best choices when it comes to hydration. And if you’re partial to a glass of wine while you cook, use a smaller glass, dilute your wine with mineral water or soda water, or opt for water instead.

For more information on Australia’s Healthy Weight Week – an initiative of Australia’s peak nutrition body, the Dietitians Association of Australia – visit:

Or follow AHWW on Twitter @HealthyWtWk and #AHWW. And take part in the AHWW live Twitter chat, using #AHWW, on 19 February from 8-9pm AEDST.

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