Innovation projects helping to improve health services showcased by Far West LHD

Innovation Awards 2016 finalists featured

The Far West Local Health District has numerous projects under development or being implemented across the health service that are helping to improve services and health outcomes for our communities.

Many of these projects are entered in the LHD’s annual Innovation Awards and the health service wants to share them with the public.

“We have improvement activities happening across the Far West LHD all the time,” said Ms Melissa Welsh, Clinical Redesign and Innovation Manager, Far West LHD.

“Last year’s health awards celebrated projects that have led to improvements to services and health care delivered by the LHD and we want the public to know and share in our successes.”

The LHD is highlighting each week one of the eleven projects which were finalists in the 2016 awards.

The projects can be found on the LHD’s ‘Community Update’ page on the internet and will be featured on the LHD’s Facebook page.

This week, we are highlighting the work of Un-breaking the Hill: Partnering with consumers to change the health of the community’. This was a project under the Far West LHD Integrated Care Program which is working with health care consumers to develop care and services to keep people healthy and out of hospital.

The chronic disease rates in Broken Hill are substantially higher than national levels. The effects of lifestyle related disease are evident with over 70% of the adult population overweight or obese, 27% smoke, and 7% consumer alcohol at potentially harmful levels (Far West Local Health District, 2015). The FWLHD Integrated Care Staying Healthy Program will work with providers and consumers to develop a model of care to support a sustainable healthcare system for our community (Far West Local Health District 2016).

Progress that the Staying Healthy Program has made since 2016 to better connect 20-55 year olds to resources and support to improve the health now and in the future include:

  • Staying Healthy Program is now available in (2) GP practices in Broken Hill – Nachiappans and Broken Hill GP SuperClinic.
  • Care Navigators are available in the two practices to support 20-55 year olds to make changes to lifestyles to improve their health.
  • An iPad has been placed and mounted as a permanent fixture in the BH Hospital ED waiting room to enable people to make online GP appointments after afterhours care, to make appointments with their GP if the ED is busy, and follow up appointments with GP.
  • Recruiting ten consumers from across Broken Hill to assist the program to better reach, connect and understand what 20-55 year olds need to help them to make small changes in their lifestyles to improve their health now and in the future.

Go to our website at and click on ‘Community Update’ or go to our Facebook page (Far West Local Health District) for a link to the project.

“We hope the public enjoy reading about the different projects and how the health service has identified the issues and come up with innovative solutions to improve the way we deliver services and help everyone have better health outcomes,” said Ms Welsh.

At the end of the series of 11 finalists, the LHD hopes to start promoting projects that have been entered into this year’s awards.


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