Innovative Far West LHD health program presented at national symposium

An innovative Far West Local Health District program aimed at improving health outcomes for Aboriginal patients with a chronic heart or lung condition has been highlighted at a national symposium.

Michael Spencer and Georgina Drewery represented Far West LHD at the ‘Redesigning the Future of Health’ Symposium held in Hobart, Tasmania on 7 March 2020 where they co-presented the Clinical Redesign Program ‘Better Cardiac Care for Aboriginal People, Burlu Kirra Kirra NA (BCCAP)’.

The culturally appropriate program is aimed at improving health outcomes for Aboriginal patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic heart or lung condition.

The program evaluation has shown significantly improved results for people in that target group. Outcomes included reduction in unplanned hospital admissions, decreased Emergency Department presentations from 10 to 0 and improved quality of life for patients and their families.

The project drew praise from the audience including comments that it was ‘excellent work in contributing to ‘Closing the Gap’ and access to services for Aboriginal people’.

Aboriginal Health Worker Michael Spencer said: ‘I think the Symposium was very informative also for the Elders that have acknowledged me about the BCCAP program’.

The Symposium was hosted by the Tasmanian School of Medicine, Clinical Redesign team and the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation Centre for Health Care Redesign.

Georgina Drewery (Nurse Manager Integrated Care for People with Chronic Conditions and Leading Better Value Care) said the Symposium showcased many example of workplace innovation.

“These are workplace innovation which have often been implemented at little or no extra cost and which have greatly improved patient outcomes through collaborative models and partnerships. The BCCAP program was one of those great example,” she said.

She added that networking and making new connections to share innovation was available before, during and after the symposium.



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