International Happiness Day – BHHS celebrate on 20 March 2018


The Far West Local Health District is celebrating ‘International Happiness Day’ with a number of activities in the Broken Hill Hospital on Tuesday, March 20 and the public are invited to come along and join in!

The United Nations has mandated Tuesday March 20 as International Happiness Day. This will be the eighth year that this event has been celebrated across the world.

The term ‘happiness’ comes from research into ‘what goes well in our lives’, or ‘Positive Psychology’.

“Happiness does not refer to mindless smiling, rather it is about how humans develop resilience to cope with the inevitable challenges that almost all of us will encounter from time to time,” said Garry Halliday, Counsellor with the Cancer Service at the Broken Hill Hospital.

“Happiness, in this context, is defined as ‘a feeling of general wellbeing over time’.”

Research over the last 30 years show that happiness can be enhanced by some relatively simple behaviours which include:

  • Giving by doing things for others;
  • Connecting with others, family ,friends and the community
  • Exercising – Taking care of our bodies;
  • Learning and trying new things;
  • Setting goals to look forward to;
  • Forgiving rather than holding grudges
  • Being positive;
  • Being Aware and living life mindfully
  • Acceptance of who you are.

An International Happiness Day event will be held in the Broken Hill Hospital on Tuesday, 20 March. The event will include displays, information stalls, workshops and a screening of the award winning feature film documentary ‘Happiness’.

Mr Halliday said he has been an enthusiastic supporter of Happiness since stumbling upon the research when he was recovering from an illness in the early 2000’s. Since then he has been involved in a number of international conferences as a participant and a speaker and in 2005 was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study in the area’ happiness’ and investigate how the research could help unpaid family carers.

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