Keeping Health Councils in the loop at annual Forum

Keeping health councillors and their communities in the loop with the Far West Local Health District is the theme for this year’s annual Health Council Forum being held on Friday (15 September) in Broken Hill.

Health Council members representing Health Councils from across the District will network and exchange ideas on how to improve health services in their communities when they meet at the one-day Forum.

“The theme ‘Keeping you in the loop’ is about the LHD needing to make sure our communities are aware of the changes happening within the LHD and the Health Councils are very much an important part of that,” said Ms Darriea Turley, Manager Community Engagement and Forum Convenor.

“Similarly it is about the LHD being kept informed of emerging issues in our communities by the health councillors,” said Ms Turley.

“The forum also gives participants the opportunity to share their views on health issues as well as learn more about the role they play in enhancing health services for their communities.”

All Health Councils will give a presentation on their achievements during the year and they will be joined by their governing body, the Far West LHD Board, the Chief Executive and senior management.

The forum will hear about the $30 million BHHS Redevelopment project and presentations from the LHD’s human resources, volunteering, finance and corporate and media departments. They will also hear about the 2017 Health Innovation award winner ‘Re-Designing Mental Health Care’ project.

Ms Turley said the Far West Local Health District is committed to community consultation and participation and supports the model of each community having their own Health Council providing a local voice for local issues.

“Health Councillors provide a voice for the community which ensures benefits for their communities and builds co-operation between communities and health services,” said Ms Turley.

“The Far West LHD will continue to work with communities across the far west to improve their health and wellbeing through leadership and partnerships.”

The Forum will take place at University Department of Rural Health from 9am to 3pm.

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