Latest technology in new CT scanner for Broken Hill Hospital

Patients and staff at Broken Hill hospital will have the latest technology when a brand new CT scanner is installed in the Broken Hill Hospital.

The new CT (Computed Tomographer) scanner will be safer and faster and give improved diagnostic capability.

“We are very pleased to announce this significant upgrade to our Imaging Department in the hospital and it will have numerous benefits for patients and staff,” said Mr Ken Barnett, Broken Hill Health Service General Manager.

The new scanner costs approximately $800,000 which includes replacing the old scanner, installation and training for staff.

The new scanner will provide:

  • Significant radiation dose reduction.
  • Quick examination time.
  • Almost instantaneous image acquisition and reconstruction allowing urgent cases to be reviewed and reported in a much quicker time frame; and
  • Improved resolution images and diagnostic capability.

Mr Barnett said there will be a period of installation for the new scanner (27 June to 11 July) where the hospital will have alternative arrangements in place for CT scans.

“There will be no CT services in Broken Hill during this time and this is unavoidable during the installation process. Patients requiring urgent assessment will be managed in the emergency department at the hospital and urgent imaging can be arranged interstate if necessary,” said Mr Barnett.

“We are putting in place several support mechanisms as well, such as increasing CT staffing just prior and just after installation to reduce any backlog. We will also have after hours ultrasound service provision and we have liaised with patient transport organisations such as the RFDS and NSW Ambulance.”

Mr Barnett said the health service appreciated the disruption caused by the installation may cause some inconvenience for some patients.

“We would ask the public and the community’s medical fraternity to have patience during this time. The installation has been planned to take up the absolute minimum amount of time necessary.”

The installation work will include reinforcing the ceiling in the scanner room, relaying the floors and painting. Machine testing and compliance will occur when the new scanner is installed. The old scanner is being removed by the installers.


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