Locals invited to join Consumer Focus Group to help better plan and deliver healthcare in the community

The Far West Local Health District is looking for people living in Broken Hill to join a consumer focus group as part of its Staying Healthy Integrated Care Program to help better plan and deliver healthcare to the community.

The Staying Healthy Program is part of the NSW Health Integrated Care Strategy to support the LHD and their partners to develop a better connected model of care to support a sustainable health system for our community.

“The Staying Healthy Program aims to engage with the people living in the community that are at risk of developing a chronic or long-term illness in their health and make changes to their lifestyle and improve their health,” said Ms Denise McCallum, Project Manager, Far West LHD. “The program will work with health providers and consumers to better engage with people to connect them to the services, providers and programs they need.”

Ms McCallum said the local community’s risk of developing a chronic or long-term illness such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease is greater than the national average. The lifestyle risk factors that can be modified to reduce a person’s risk of long-term illness include tobacco smoking, obesity unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and the harmful use of alcohol (WHO 2013).

“The Staying Healthy program aims to work with consumers and health providers to provide the community with services and programs that will assist them to maintain or improve their health.

“This includes changes to the way that we care for you through fixing the parts of the system that do not work and planning new ways of providing care and service to the community,” said Ms McCallum.

The Staying Healthy Program is a secondary prevention program designed to engage 20-55 year olds living in our community who are at risk of developing a chronic or long-term illness. A secondary prevention program aims to interrupt, prevent or minimise the progress of a disease or illness at an early stage.

“Being part of the consumer focus group will help us to plan a new way to work together, understand the issues you face when trying to access services, and better respond to the needs of the community,” said Ms McCallum.

Anyone interested in being involved are invited to contact Denise McCallum, Project Manager Integrated Care at Far West LHD on 8080 1315 or 0428 266 357 or via email Denise.mccallum@health.nsw.gov.au

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