Medication information is important for your Hospital admission

If you’re coming into hospital for treatment please bring a current list of your medications with you. This list will help the hospital staff in their care for you, especially during an emergency.

The Broken Hill Health Council is urging everyone to be prepared with a list of all their current medications in case they need a hospital admission.

“We want to raise awareness in the community that this is something very important that people can do to help in their own medical care and treatment when coming into the hospital,” said BH Health Council member Mrs Irene Davey.

She said people should take a list of all their medications with them because it will help the treating doctors and pharmacists. The list should include all their medicines including tablets, mixtures, eye drops, creams, ointments, patches, puffers, vitamins and herbal medicines.

“Many people do not know the names of their medicines, just that they take a little white pill (for their blood pressure/heart trouble) or an eye drop, for example. This can lead to delays in their treatment when they arrive in the hospital.

Ms Davey said one easy way to record your medications and other health information is by using the MedicineWise App (for the smartphone).

“This is a free app that you can use to easily keep track of your medicines and you can use it to record other important health information such as medical conditions, allergies and your health contacts,” she said.

“Most people have a smartphone these days and the app is free to download.”

Mrs Davey also said that having a list of your medications readily available is very helpful. “I would also advise people having a letter from their doctors explaining what medications they are on, when they take them and what they are used for. It all helps to explain your medical situation especially should you need to go to a hospital or are on holidays and when you are travelling anywhere”

You can find out all about MedicineWise app at

The Broken Hill Health Council is happy to talk to any local groups or organisations about raising awareness for people to have their medication information handy. Contact the Broken Hill Health Service on 08 8080 1472. The Health Council consists of Community members who liaise with the Health District and provide a voice on issues that affect the health and wellbeing of everyone in the community.

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