New and updated electronic medical record system expanding across Far West LHD

The remote townships in the far west are being added to the electronic medical record system of the Far West Local Health District which will deliver key benefits for patient care.

The new and upgraded electronic medical record (eMR) being rolled out in the emergency, inpatient and community settings across these remote townships, will replace paper medical record and disparate electronic medical records. By doing so, it will improve access to clinical information across all these sectors, leading to better patient care.

This roll-out, not only extends the footprint of eMR in the district, it also introduces significant new clinical documentation capabilities, giving clinicians across multiple sites timely access to information previously captured on paper.

eMR is scheduled to go live in Dareton, Wentworth and Balranald on 21 June and in Tibooburra, Menindee and Ivanhoe on 28 June.

“The electronic medical record is one of the key initiatives of the Far West LHD to improve the quality of care for our patients,” said Mr Umer Qureshi, eHealth Change Manager, Far West LHD. “This will bring us a step closer to realise our vision of ‘Excellence in Rural and Remote Health’.”

Mr Qureshi said the key benefits of eMR for patient care are many.

“Electronic medical records will help us assure we have all the information we need to treat you. This can include your lab results and what medication you are taking,” he said.

“It also includes reminders on ways we can keep you healthy, such as when you are due for a check-up or when your child need their vaccination shots.”

Mr Qureshi said the eMR system also protects individual medical records in the event of a natural disaster, keeping them safe and available for your physician.

The eMR system provides all connected health facilities in the Far West LHD with a consistent case file and medical history, rather than multiple paper medical records.

“eMR also improves the legibility of documentation, which leads to fewer chances of errors,” said Mr Qureshi.

Mr Qureshi said the rollout will involve extensive training and familiarisation for staff in all of the facilities.

“We are asking our clients and patients to please bear with us in this time of change as we become familiar with the use of eMR. The ultimate results will be the improvement to patient care,” he said.


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