New artworks brighten up cancer treatment rooms at hospital

Cancer patients receiving treatment in the Broken Hill Oncology and Ambulatory Care Unit will soon notice nine new artworks on the walls, aimed at making their time sitting in treatment chairs a little more enjoyable and interesting. 

The artworks were created by local artist Amanda Johnson on commission thanks to a generous donation by the Outback Publicans.

The Outback Publicans have supported local Cancer and Palliative Care Services since one of their members required the services. The group also donated tilting over-chair tables for each treatment chair.   

The Oncology and Ambulatory Care Unit is used by patients receiving chemotherapy for cancer, and for non-cancer patients requiring treatments for blood disorders. Patients can be sitting in the recliner chairs for up to six hours depending on their treatment.

Melissa Cumming, Director Cancer & Palliative Care Services who coordinated the project said: “Amanda discussed her ideas with the staff and her brief was for ‘bright, uplifting, interesting, and local’.

“Amanda has created bright and interesting paintings that will make the unit a happier environment in which to spend time. Each painting has local features painted in Amanda’s trademark way, and which draw the viewer into the landscape”.  

Artist Amanda Johnson said: “In coming up with a concept for a collection of paintings, my first thought was my Dad. He has a blood condition that requires him to sit in the unit for an hour or so once a month.

“Included in the collection is a large painting of a circus. My memories are of the circus coming to town and setting up on Block 10. I’ve called it ‘Bob’s Circus’ in honour of my Dad.

“I’ve also included The Pinnacles, South, North and Delprats head frames. Other local features depicted include Round Hill and its monument and the Rocket from Railwaytown Park, as well as a view of Argent Street, topiary olive trees at our Plaza, a Hills Hoist and the Miner’s Memorial.

Melissa and the Oncology Staff thanked Outback Publicans for their support and Amanda for her creativity.

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