New Interns and JMOs welcomed to the Far West LHD

Far West Local Health District welcomed three new doctors to its health workforce, who were part of the new Interns starting across the state.

The new Interns will be employed across the Broken Hill Health Service on a two year appointment (one year as Intern, one year as Resident), living here during that time.

They are:

Dr Yang Chow (Oscar) Er (Surgical Intern), Dr Sumeela Hariharan (Medical Intern) and Dr Himanish Panda (Emergency Department Intern).

In addition to these three new Interns, the three Interns Dr Matthew Lui, Dr Amber Pesendorfer and Dr Timothy Haynes, who have been with us for the last year are advancing to be Resident Medical Officers here in Broken Hill for a second year. This is the first year we have had six junior doctors based here in Broken Hill.

These doctors have been employed through the Rural Preferential Recruitment program. This is an excellent program proven to be a valuable learning experience and provides an abundance of opportunities.

Director Medical Service, Dr André Nel welcomed our new medical officers to join the team at Broken Hill.

“We are very pleased to have these doctors working with us,” said Dr Nel.

Dr Nel said Far West LHD provides a solid start to any medical professional’s career. The size and workforce profile ensures that junior doctors, and particularly interns have access to consultant staff that is unattainable in large metropolitan settings. The breadth of work ensures they will gain exposure to a diverse range of clinical presentations, with the support to allow you to quickly develop your clinical skills and confidence.

“It is important to provide medical training for interns to build a sustainable medical workforce in rural areas. People living in rural areas have limited access to a range of health services and the challenge is to achieve better and more equal health outcomes across the population regardless of where people live,” said Dr Nel.

“At the conclusion of training the Junior Doctors would have obtained valuable experience, solid foundation and will be supported to can continue to pursue a career in Broken Hill,” he said.

Three Junior Medical Officers (JMOs) have also joined Far West LHD at Broken Hill Health Service for 2020. The JMOs are rotating from Concord Repatriation Hospital in Sydney for a ten-week period. Broken Hill is the rural placement for the Concord junior doctors.


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