New Outpatient Services Reception desk open for business at BH Hospital

Outpatients seeking services at Broken Hill Health Service can now go to the one reception desk as a result of a major refurbishment in the ambulatory care wing of the hospital.

The new Outpatient Services Reception desk located off the main hospital foyer will begin operating on Monday, 5 November 2018.

The new reception area is part of the NSW Government’s $30 million Broken Hill Health Service Redevelopment which in addition to the construction of the Broken Hill Community Health Centre included a reconfiguration of the hospital’s ambulatory care wing, upgrading of the cancer care services and consolidation of patients’ waiting areas.

“The reconfiguration has integrated various reception and waiting areas in the hospital and will make it easier for our consumers to find outpatient services without needing to wander around the building,” said Mr Ken Barnett, General Manager, Broken Hill Health Service.

The services that can be accessed via the new desk include:

    • Specialist Clinics
    • Community Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Service
    • Integrated Care for Chronic Conditions
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Dietetics
    • Physiotherapy
    • Podiatry
    • Speech Pathology

“It’s a more convenient location, adjacent to the foyer and clearly visible from our main entrance,” said Mr Barnett.

The space includes a bubbler, children’s play wall, and a variety of seating options for our consumers. There is direct access from the reception area to the courtyard via an auto door, so people can opt to wait inside or outside.

There is a new phone number for the Outpatient Services Reception desk: 08 8080 1421.

Access to the Pathology Lab for blood tests has also been changed, and is now accessible via the Northern corridor, which is the one closest to the kiosk.


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