New scope helping make procedures easier for staff and patients

The Broken Hill Hospital operating theatre has the use of a new colonoscope thanks to a generous donation by the Broken Hill Contribution Fund.

The colonoscope is valued at $29,500. It is a flexible fibre optic scope used to examine the lower bowel, for surveillance and diagnosing of bowel cancer and other bowel disorders such as Chrones disease, Ulcerative Coloitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulitis.

The scope will be used to treat about 25-30 patients a week in the hospital’s gastroenterology and general surgery list.

The new scope replaces an aging scope and provides clinicians with updated technology that allows for improvement in imaging and enhancing diagnosis of bowel conditions.

Susan Beahl, Nurse Unit Manager Operating Theatres, Broken Hill Hospital, said she wished on behalf of the health service to thank the BH Contribution Fund for its generous donation.

“The scope is a welcome addition to our equipment and I’m sure will be greatly appreciated by our staff and their patients.”

The Contribution Fund in 2012 donated two Cystovideoscopes (collectively worth $42,300) for use in theatre for urology procedures.

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