New WiFi service keeps patients at Broken Hill Health Service connected

Broken Hill Health Service patients and visitors are benefiting from a new WiFi service rolled out at in the hospital, thanks to a partnership with eHealth NSW.

The WiFi system allows patients and visitors to stay connected with friends and family, access entertainment, and manage their everyday lives, wherever they are in the hospital. The WiFi is also available at the Broken Hill Community Health Centre in Sulphide Street.

Already up to 70 users have logged into the service since it went live in on 4th December 2018.

“Access to WiFi has enhanced the care we can provide in the hospital and made such a difference to patients and visitors,” said Mr Ken Barnett, General Manager, Broken Hill Health Service.

“Many of our patients are here for a large portion of their day while they receive treatment or attend an appointment. Internet access means they can pass the time quickly browsing the web, connecting on social media or watching movies via streaming services.

“It also provides a great distraction from their treatment and they can do normal things like pay bills, shop online or keep up with work.”

Supported by Superloop, the WiFi solution has a free and paid service, with the premium option being better for activities that require faster download speeds such as online gaming or watching Netflix.

“Access to WiFi is everywhere these days, from coffee shops to cruise ships. So why not have the Internet in hospitals?” said Jason Matthews, Conference, Collaboration and Wireless Program Manager for eHealth NSW, a specialist government agency that delivers information and communications technology solutions across the public health system.

Thanks to a $20-million injection of State funds for WiFi in hospitals and eHealth NSW’s work on building the Health Wide Area Network (HWAN), a state-wide roll-out of the patient WiFi solution is close.

“We are working to create clearly defined operational and cost models to make a state-wide roll-out a reality,” said Mr Matthews.




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