NSW Falls Prevention Network Rural Forum in Broken Hill


Far West LHD staff will join in with visiting professionals to discuss the latest research and initiatives in falls prevention and how to keep people safe at the NSW Falls Prevention Network Rural Forum being held in Broken Hill next week.

Falls prevention in the health care and residential community setting will be covered at the Forum which is aimed at allied health, exercise physiology, nursing, medical staff and students from the hospital, community and residential aged care settings.

“The Forum is to support rural areas by providing an opportunity for staff working in hospitals, community and residential aged care to hear of the latest research and initiatives that are working to help keeping people as they age healthy, active and safe,” said Ms Esther Vance, Project Officer NSW Falls Prevention Network.

“The main message is that there is diversity, integration and collaboration in programs to prevent falls and harm from falls,” said Ms Vance. “A fall can be serious and have long term consequences and this forum will provide an opportunity to hear about the latest developments for enabling people to prevent a fall.”

The Forum boasts a quality line-up of presentations from experts in the field, including Far West LHD staff.

“Presentations will include an update by Professor Stephen Lord, Senior Principal Research Fellow, Neuroscience Research Australia on the latest fall research and future innovation,” said Ms Vance.

“We will also hear about research conducted by The George Institute for Global Health on working with older Aboriginal people in a program called the Iron Bark Falls Prevention Program. Talks also include programs on improving care for people in hospital and recognising their special needs when they may be confused, as well as building resilience in our community by providing effective exercise initiatives.”

Ms Vance said Forum participants will gain a greater understanding of falls prevention.

“They will expand their understanding of the complexity of caring for older people and their risk of falling and providing new ways of interacting with patients and clients.

“Participants will gain information they can share. They are our future in providing services to the local community and it will be through them that the community will support their patients and clients to look for ways to remain safe and reduce harm from falls.”

About 30 people are taking part in the Forum and they will have opportunity to interact with the presenters and seek further information relevant for their practice.

The forum will be held on Tuesday, 6 September at the Demo Club from 9.30am to 3pm.

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