Outpatient Services Reception at Hospital introduces electronic check-in kiosk

The Outpatient Services Reception at the Broken Hill Health Service now has an electronic check-in kiosk to make it easier for people to attend their appointments.

The check-in kiosk machine was introduced following feedback from the public that the former ‘take a number’ system was sometimes confusing and people had missed hearing their number called.

“The new check-in kiosk machines are in direct response to recent feedback we have received about problems with attending appointments at the new Outpatient Services Reception area,” said Ms Patricia Holtze, Acting General manager BH Health Service.

The new reception and waiting area was opened in November last year and brought together the services of specialist clinics, community mental health, allied health and chronic care.

Ms Holtze said over recent months, the health service received feedback from our customers that it is sometimes confusing about whether people need to take a number from the laminated stack at the desk and if they do take a number, it can be hard to hear when that number is called.

The new check-in kiosk system streamlines the procedure, she said.

Anyone visiting the reception desk will now take a ticket from the machine located at the main entry, which will allocate them a number in the queue. The next ticket being called will be displayed on a screen in the waiting area as well as an announcement to let you know a new ticket has been called. It will also mean that all the staff can see how many people are in the queue and work together to ensure timely check in occurs.

“We hope that our clients and patients find the new system is an improvement on their experience visiting our service and we are confident that it will not take long for people to get used to this new process. We certainly appreciate people’s patience as they get used to using it,” said Ms Holtze.

In addition to the new check-in kiosk, a feedback kiosk has also been installed in the reception area. People can scan their check-in ticket to answer 5 quick questions about their visit. The feedback will help the health service to monitor how well we are doing with our customer service and access.



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