Palliative Care service welcomes $25,000 Demo Club donation

The Far West Local Health District has welcomed a generous donation of $25,000 from the Demo Club to the Broken Hill Palliative Care Service to assist them to continue to provide the valuable service to the community.

Ms Karen Howe, General Manager of the Demo Club said: “Many of our members and staff have been personally affected by cancer and have been able to utilise the wonderful, caring service that is offered by the team at Palliative Care.

“Being able to have your loved one stay in their own home to be close to their families and have the palliative care staff visit to ensure that comfort and needs of the patient and family are a priority is something that can never be measured,” she said.

The health service is extremely grateful for the generous donation.

“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the generous amount that Karen and her team at the Demo Club donated to our service,” said Melissa Cumming, Director Palliative Care and Cancer Services.

“$25,000 is an extraordinary donation that will assist us to provide equipment and services for palliative care patients that we can’t access by other means,” she said.

On behalf of the health service and Palliative Care, Ms Cumming expressed sincere thanks to the Demo Club for its generosity and for supporting the palliative care service, our patients and their families.




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