SPANNER IN THE WORKS: Successful Men’s Health Initiative in Dareton

Dareton Primary Health staff completed a highly successful health promotion initiative known as Spanner in the Works held on Wednesday, 17 October.

The Spanner in the Works program was developed by the Australian Men’s Shed Association and uses a car servicing analogy to promote men’s health checks.

The free event held at Dareton Men in a Shed attracted around 50 men from our local region, and began with a sausage sizzle and refreshments. Following lunch the men attended a series of health stations focusing on a different aspect of men’s health.

There was a Chassis Check (waistline and diet), Oil Pressure (Blood Pressure Checks), Lube Circulatory System (BGL or blood sugar levels), Battery Check (physical fitness and activity levels), Exhaust (Breathing/Air intake/QUIT Smoking Cessation program, if needed), Shock Absorbers (emotional/mental health checks), Duco (skin health information), Sound System (hearing health), Drive Shift (sexual health), Fuel Additives (alcohol consumption), Spark Plugs (testes), Extractors (bowel health) and Fuel Injectors (Continence/Prostate health).

There has been amazingly positive feedback from the participants who are keen to make this an annual event. The men who attended are also interested in hosting a similar event for their wives and partners in the future.



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