Staying Healthy Program can help you to a more active and healthy lifestyle

Looking for a new you? Do you want to make some changes to your lifestyle and become more active but don’t know where or how to start?

The Staying Healthy Program can help you. Far West LHD has joined forces with three local General Practices and the YMCA to make it so much easier.

The Staying Healthy Program is for 20-55 year olds living in the Broken Hill area who are at risk of developing a lifestyle related chronic disease through their current lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol at harmful levels, smoking, inactivity and poor dietary choices.

The Staying Healthy Program will link you to a GP and Care Navigator who will help you to navigate and access people and services you need to make changes to your lifestyle to improve your health now and in the future.

“We support you throughout the program with our Care Navigators, who are located in each of the three General Practices taking part,” said Ms Denise McCallum, Project Manager Integrated Care, Far West LHD.

If you are enrolled in the Staying Healthy Program you will be may be eligible to access the co-funded YMCA 60 Day Beginner level fitness program to help you to get started and confident to become more active.

“The 60 Day YMCA program will help people who don’t know where to start or are not confident with support from the YMCA trainers and the Care Navigators,” said Ms McCallum.

The 60 Day YMCA program offers free membership to the YMCA gym and Aquatic Centre for 60 days; one hour group sessions with a fitness instructor four times a week; free transport to and from the YMCA for the group training sessions; and free crèche for the group sessions.

Your progress and health goals will be monitored through the 60 Day Program by both the YMCA fitness leader and the Care Navigators to help you to stay on track and support you to make the changes you want to make in your lifestyle.

“All you have to do is join the free Staying Healthy Program and commit to attending the programs group exercises sessions every week and you will get free enrolment to a co-funded 60-day YMCA beginner level exercise program,” said Ms McCallum.

“Our Care Navigators will help you join up and regularly follow your progress and support you to make the changes and stay on track to a new you!”

The 60 Day Program starts on Monday, 9 April. To join up, talk to your GP or Care Navigator at your practice:

  • Catherine at Dr Nachiappans on phone 8087 3620;
  • Eden at Broken Hill GP Super Clinic on phone 8088 7044;
  • Corinne at Clive Bishop Medical Centre (RFDS) on phone 8080 3780.

“The Staying Healthy Program is a very real and positive way to help support people to make lifestyle changes and improve their health now and in the future,” said Ms McCallum.


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